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Pathway to Net Zero

Explore our detailed pathway for achieving a net-zero emissions energy system by 2050.

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Sustainability strategy

Discover how you can bring your ESG strategy to life.

  • Digital solutions

Decoding the Energy Transition video series

How can digital technology support the energy transition? DNV’s digitalization experts answer some of the crucial questions, simplify complexities, and provide practical insights on navigating the energy transition landscape.

  • Food and beverage

Understanding and managing aquaculture risk

DNV’s barrier management guideline enables more efficient risk control during operations, providing efficiency gains for fish farmers and authorities.

  • Power and renewables

Commercializing offshore wind with confidence

Floating offshore wind is opening new possibilities for wind power locations and will play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply. DNV is helping floating offshore wind commercialize with confidence.

  • Technology and Innovation

Creating a secure and trustworthy digital world

Organizations that struggle to demonstrate the trustworthiness of AI to their stakeholders, can close the trust gap with DNV’s new services and a set of recommended practices, for the safe application of industrial AI and other digital solutions.

  • Maritime

Bringing ESG reporting to life in shipping companies

What are the biggest ESG risks and are there also opportunities? What would a typical ESG process look like for a maritime company?

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Key trends shaping the Blue Economy

This Ocean's Future to 2050 report highlights how the Blue Economy is entering a period of sectoral and geographic diversification.


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