Trainee programmes

Different trainee programmes require different competencies

DNV GL trainees at Veritas Centre
DNV GL trainees at the Veritas centre (Høvik, near Oslo)

DNV GL wants to attract, develop and retain the best employees in order to maintain its strong technical and commercial position. One way to do this is through the company’s various trainee programmes.

The philosophy behind the trainee programmes is to recruit and train the best technical and mercantile candidates. These will join a group of highly qualified young employees who will strengthen DNV’s network of global expertise.

In 2017, we are recruiting trainees for the following programmes:

The trainee programmes last for two years and as a trainee you will work at the head office in Høvik (Oslo) and at least one regional office.

Your expertise development may be either broad (within several areas of expertise) or focused (within one or a few areas).

All our trainee programmes start in late August/beginning of September. Application deadlines are usually in February each year.




Are you a high performing graduate interested in an international career in finance with DNV GL?

Image from presentation video - Global finance trainee programme, DNV GLThen you might be the right candidate for this programme, which offers a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive understanding of the critical challenges in DNV GL from different perspectives within the DNV GL Group.

During the two-year programme you will gain experience across different levels in specialised fields within our organization. Through three eight-month rotations, one of which is guaranteed to be outside your home country, you will build competence within the areas of business controllership, accounting and commercial management, business analysis and human resource management. It is an on–the–job training programme and we seek to individually design each programme based on each trainee’s qualifications and interests.

If you want to become a trainee, you will need the following qualifications:

  • A maximum of two years’ work experience
  • Strong academic results, international experience and extracurricular activities are pre-requisites
  • Fluent English, spoken and written
  • Customer-focused with commercial awareness
  • Team-oriented with good communication skills
  • Committed to a two-year intensive learning programme
  • Interest in working in an international environment and willingness and flexibility to relocate abroad
  • A Master’s degree in e.g. Business Administration, Management, Accounting or Finance

Given the nature of DNV GL’s business and our global presence we look for individuals with a strong desire for an international career within the company. You should be proactive, curious and eager to learn, have an open mind and keen interest in problem solving. In addition having an open, positive attitude and working as a team player is vital.



Are you a high performing graduate interested in contributing to the digital transformation of DNV GL’s main industries?

The Global Digital Trainee programme in DNV GL is an exciting way to start your digital career!

Image from presentation video - Global digital trainee programme, DNV GLThe goal for the digital trainees is to build competence in the intersection between business and technology, as well as to contribute to the digital transformation of DNV GL’s main industries.

The programme offers a unique opportunity to gain insight and build experience in the digital transformation of DNV GL’s main industries (Maritime, Oil & Gas and Energy) from different perspectives. It is an on–the–job training programme where we seek to design a scheme for you based on your qualifications and learning needs, as well as the future competence needs of DNV GL. The trainee programme generally consists of three six-month rotations, where your first rotation will be in Norway.

You should have strong academic results and have international experience (studied, worked or lived abroad). In addition, you may have a maximum of two year’s full time working experience and be able to join us from August 2017.

Excellent English conversational and writing skills are required.

Education field:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Information systems, Data engineering, Statistics or similar.
  • Credits within Business, Management, Innovation etc. is an advantage.

Personal qualities:

  • Passionate
  • Open minded
  • Eager to learn
  • Proactive and self-driven
  • Business-oriented
  • International mindset
  • “Data smart”



Due to the market situation in Norway, several of our trainee programmes are on hold. However, vacant positions in various parts of the company are announced as usual – accessible through our career pages.

The trainee programmes listed below are currently on hold, but applicants should monitor these pages as all vacant trainee positions will be announced here.

  • Global technical trainee programme
  • Global HR trainee programme
  • National technical trainee Norway
  • Maritime trainee programme (coordinated by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association - Rederiforbundet)

Vacant positions

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