Questions and answers

How will DNV GL contribute to my career development?

  • In addition to individual development plans, annual goal setting, coaching and feedback, we provide training and development opportunities within our organization and in collaboration with top academic institutions. 
  • We also offer a wide array of career opportunities in a big  internal job market

What routines do you have for onboarding of new employees? 

  • We place great emphasis on getting our new  olleagues on board, to learn about our business, values and way of working together. Our onboarding comprises the “We in DNV GL” introductory course, web courses, on-the-job training and a buddy programme.
    Read more about our routines

What are your company values?

  • We build trust and confidence
  • We never compromise on quality or integrity
  • We are committed to teamwork and innovation
  • We care for our customers and each other
  • We embrace change and deliver results

What kind of international career opportunities do you have? 

  • Many. You can work with international clients from your home country or abroad through various projects, job rotation programmes and expatriate assignments. We are present in more than 100 countries worldwide, so even if you remain in one location, you will have contact with many cultures and work with challenging international customers. Read more about our international opportunities

Is the summer project open to non-Norwegian students? 

  • Yes, all 4th year master students may apply. 

What about housing for non-Norwegian students, or students living outside Oslo area. Does DNV GL cover cost of living?

  • No, DNV GL does not cover cost of living. We encourage students to find housing through finn.no or student housing. 

What is most relevant when submitting my application to DNV GL? 

  • First, it is important that you apply through our online job portal. iCIMS. Make sure to upload all your relevant documentation: CV, transcripts from high school and university, testimonials, etc. All this is important information for us when screening your application.

Where do I find information about summer jobs?

  • Summer jobs are normally announced at our website. Please contact your local DNV GL office for summer job openings.

What is "Job Alert"?

  • Job Alert is a free of charge service where you may subscribe for e-mails when a vacant position within your area of interest is published.

When does the application process start for trainees? 

  • The recruiting process for the global traineeships is during the autumn. Normally an application deadline is set to October, and the trainees are recruited before Christmas break.

How can I get accepted to the Top Tech Programme?

  • The program is geared towards our highly accomplished technical experts with a PhD or MSc, a minimum 10 years of relevant experience and at least two years employment with us.
    Read more about the Top Tech Programme

Does DNV GL offer any mentoring programmes?

  • Yes, we offer mentoring programmes, some regional and some national.
    Read more about our training programmes

On your web page it says “Smarter, Safer, Greener” – what does that mean?

  • Our shared vision to have global impact for a safe and sustainable future. We are passionate about constantly developing knowledge and insights of the technical and operational business challenges our customers face – enabling them to become safer, smarter and greener.

Does DNV GL sponsor employees further education? 

  • DNV GL has an Education Fund for use in sponsoring current employees on appropriate further education and training courses and programmes. Funds have been granted for studies ranging preferably from Master to PhD level education.