HIL Testing for Marine Systems

Safety and reliability of your automation systems

We help you achieve the desired safety and reliability of your automation systems by verifying and testing control system software.

Today’s maritime industry is highly dependent on control systems that ensure the proper operation of ships and rigs. For a more reliable and safer automation system, you should perform a thorough software test using hardware-in-the-loop testing technology. NASA, the aviation  industry and the automotive industry already use it. We have worked with most manufacturers, yards and shipowners.

Benefits of HIL testing with DNV GL:

  • a safer and more robust automation system
  • fewer software issues during operation and commissioning
  • compliance with owners’ specifications 
  • check for design flaws and proper failure handling

We are able to perform a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to test any control system for errors and robustness, such as:

  • power management system
  • steering, propulsion and thruster
  • LNG as gas fuel
  • exhaust gas cleaning system 
  • emergency shutdown 
  • fire and gas 
  • integration testing between different systems and vendors 

The HIL simulator acts as a virtual world for the control system by simulating necessary actuators, dynamics and sensors. It makes the control system believe it is operating the real system. The test takes about five days, and it is performed in our lab or at the vendor’s office without disrupting commissioning or operation. This advantage enables efficient and effective testing in a controlled environment and helps lower the risk to people, equipment and environment.

HIL testing may also be used for retrofits and incident investigations to identify root causes of failures and to verify control system upgrades without causing any further unnecessary risk or loss of operation.

Start your digital twin with HIL testing!

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