PED CE - Pressure Equipment Directive

PED - Pressure Equipment

Products intended for use under inner pressure

We are notified as a PED Notified Body with nr. 0496. PED addresses manufacturers of pressure equipment who have to comply with the directive’s essential safety requirements on design, manufacture and final assessment. The products are categorized in categories I to IV, where the category is decided by pressure, volume or DN, type of content (fluid) and if it is in liquid state or gas state. Category IV equipment has the biggest residual risks for the user. 

How can we help?

The PED categorization leads to consequences for the manufacturer with regard to third party involvement. For all categories except category I the manufacturer has to apply to a Notified Body. We can assist for all conformity assessment modules which may imply an assessment of the manufacturers quality system for the products, or a verification of the product itself.

We can provide PED certification on a global basis, and also approve welders and welding procedures which is required by PED. PED-related services as assessment of component and material manufacturers to the PED requirements, or general guidance and training may also be offered.

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